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Auto Body


Did you know we have a Headlamp Repair SystemStop in to see if those tarnished, dull headlights can be made to look (almost) like new again.

We separate Auto Body from Collision Repair because, even though the facilities and technical experience are mostly the same, it is a different service process. Collision repair usually involves a third party, either an insurance company or sometimes another responsible party. There are also needs such as re-painting your hood and front fenders due to stone chips and winter weather or sometimes rust begins to form on the rocker panels or bottoms of doors that should be attended to. In these cases, the owner just pays for the repairs 'out of pocket' in order to keep his car looking good and to preserve its value and structural integrity. For these situations, we even sell what we call PTO (Paint To Order) parts that you may choose to install yourself. Examples of PTO parts include a bumper cover, hood, or fender. We also have a very good headlamp restoration system for those dim and yellowed lamps, and we can do fog and parking lamps also.